#WeekendWarrior - New York

There's nothing better than having friends in amazing cities all across the country. This edition of #WeekendWarrior gave me the chance to visit one of my oldest friends. Good ole Leslie has been in NYC for about three years thanks to her awesome job of being a travel nurse. She liked it so much, she took a position there and has called it home ever since. An Okie in NYC who is handling it like a pro. After years of asking me to come and visit and two failed attempts in the past year to come visit we were finally able to make it happen. Now, I thought it would be decent weather in March but I went a week after a major blizzard and it was cold and rainy here and there but by the end of the trip it had warmed up and I was enjoying the weather.

Now, I like to think myself as a Southerner at this point in my life. Yes I'm from Oklahoma but after almost 10 years in Louisiana I think my blood learned to only handle a certain type of cold and it was not made for the cold that NYC produced. Also, I'm used to going at a leisurely pace and just enjoying life. Now, I haven't always been that way but in the last few years I have learned to enjoy the things and people around and try to take in the moment. NYC was rush, rush, rush! I mean, I saw little kids get knocked over, the elderly stumble, and working women run for trains in heels. It was just too much for me so I think I'll keep my visits to the Big Apple few and far between; unless there's food and drink involved.

Now, I lived for the itinerary that was planned for us during this 3-day all you can eat and drink fest. I failed to mention that my friend from college, Cara, came as well. We didn't get to hit everything on the list due to a randomly good time at brunch on Saturday that turned into dinner but we sure had a good time. Here's a look at NYC through my wonderful guide Leslie.

Day 1

I couldn't come to New York and not take in a food tour. I mean, there are so many to choose from and so many areas to explore. Leslie had been on this particular tour a couple of times before and knew we were in for a treat. It was with a company called Foods of New York Tours. Our guide, Cindy, was probably the funniest person I have met in a very long while. She was fun, energetic, quirky, and full of knowledge. We did the Original Greenwich Village tour. It was three hours of food and laughter and bomb ass sangria!

After our tour we walked around and just enjoyed the sights and did a little shopping. To finish off the day we went for drinks and ended up at Butter & Scotch. I was kind of intrigued to visit this place because she got a Tequila King Cake from here during Mardi Gras. You read that right...a muthafuggin TEQUILA KING CAKE! They also support Planned Parenthood and had a whole menu of drinks dedicated to woman and even our lady parts (my drink was called This Pussy Grabs Back)! They played all the 90's tunes and it resulted in a fake karaoke bar with a few of us.

Day 2

The second day called for a trip to the Brooklyn Bridge! We took this opportunity to have a little photoshoot that resulted in rap squats...

Next up was views of the city. Instead of a trip to the Empire State Building we to Top of the Rock. It had such great views of the city and even though it was cold it was perfect to see everything.

After a quick nap and a shower it was time for dinner. We took a trip to Hunt and Fish Club in Midtown. It's fairly new to the food scene in New York (2014) but has brought out some of the biggest celebrities that include 50 Cent and George Clooney. 

Leslie is a bit of a healthy lifestyle gal (I'll show you the picture of her with a bagel stuffed in her mouth one day). She went paleo a while back and is loving it but she still lives for a good meal here and there. She raved about the popovers that are served with this amazing butter so when they came out I was too pumped. They lived up to the excitement she had for them. The were so light and delicious and that butter...AHHHHHH-MAZING!

I'm not a steak eater but I went ahead and ordered the filet and it was perfection, Leslie opted for the scallops which she inhaled and Cara had pork chops and damn near had the bone in her mouth. The mashed potatoes were so whipped and buttery. Not the best I've ever had but in the top 10.

Day 3

Ok, this is where it get completely out of hand in a good way. We headed to Harlem for brunch Saturday morning. My other okie friend Kim joined us since I haven't seen her since she left almost a year ago. She just packed up and sold her shit and left.

I told Leslie I wanted the booziest brunch she could find. Lets just say she's the real MVP! She chose a spot called Yatenga French Bistro and Bar. Bottomless mimosas were the primary reason for the visit but she also swore the food was phenomenal. Our waitress was one it. Before the glass was half empty she was back with another round. Luckily they don't cut you off and keep em coming. In the meantime, Cara was supposed to duck off and meet up with a friend of her from New Orleans who had moved back in New York but those mimosas were making it hard for her to leave and her friend eventually joined us. With Melissa joining us and brunch ending we were introduced to happy hour. Since it was now 4pm and it was lunch/dinner service, Leslie insisted on ordering mac and cheese because it was bomb and it was. It had bits of ham inside. Well, Kim isn't eating meat so we ordered another one without ham. Now, to happy hour. $4 shot!!!!! That's all that needs to be said. Next thing you know it's 8pm. We spent seven entire hours at one table and countless rounds of drinks. This was by far the best part of New York. We laughed, we sang, we bonded over natural hair and just being smart women with goals.

Video links:

Harmonizing like a good ole girl group

The first round of shots

Mimosas and shots at the same damn time

When it was all said and done we were too tired to head to the comedy show that was planned for midnight. Naps were in order. Unfortunately, my trip ends here. I had a 6am flight Sunday morning so I was definitely on time since I went to bed at 9.

New York may not be my cup of tea for a place to settle but I would go back for the food and good times. Thank you Leslie and thank you New York.