#WeekendWarrior - Houston

This edition of #WeekendWarrior is special. I literally had 32 hours to kick it in Houston with my loves from college. We were celebrating a birthday and since Jai flew all the way from Cali to celebrate with our friends in Houston it only seemed right for me to hop a flight to join in on the festivities. I won't share all the details but the last time we were all together two of us ended up running through the New Orleans airport half drunk trying to catch our flights. Although this was not the case this time we still managed to go to brunch in the same clothes we partied in the night before. So here's how to get through Houston in 32 hours!


Daiquiri Shop

One thing I miss about Louisiana is a good daiquiri and the ability to drive up and get a x-large Boosie Badazz! Luckily, Houston has no shortage of daiquiri shops so we decided to stop for one before we headed to the house. You can't order one without an extra shot of something for $1.00 so be sure to get one no matter what size you get.

6footfoodie daiquiri


Frenchy's Fried Chicken

Percy “Frenchy” Creuzot, New Orleans native, came to Houston in 1965 to work as a traveling salesman. His ambitions quickly shifted to food, and on July 3rd, 1969, he and his wife Sallie opened up a po-boy shop bearing his nickname on Scott Street, just a block from the University of Houston and not far from TSU. The po-boys were tasty and easy to make, but the small establishment quickly decided to add fried chicken to the menu.
Creuzot used an old New Orleans family recipe to season the meat, and added sides like dirty rice and jambalaya—flavor that quickly blew the competition out of the water. At that time, unbelievable though it may seem, Southern Louisiana inspired cuisine was hard to come by—before Mr. Creuzot’s shop revolutionized the market.
The 3919 Scott location quickly blossomed. Frenchy's has become one of the most popular Creole cuisine restaurants in Houston and surrounding areas. From its humble beginnings, Frenchy's has grown to become the hometown favorite for millions of customers over the years, with a full Creole-style menu of sides to accompany the famous, spicy "Frenchy's Chicken" that Houstonians have come to know and love.
-The Frenchy's website

Let me tell ya'll about this Thursday special we stumbled upon. Five, count em, five pieces of chicken and a side for $5.00! Being the honey butter lover that I am I had to get a biscuit to go along with mine. I also added a side of catfish just for kicks. That entire meal gave me life. The seasoning was so perfect and the biscuit was homemade goodness. It was amazing. We actually ordered our food to go and ended up sitting right there eating. We couldn't afford to let it get cold. It had to be eaten right then and there.

6footfoodie Frenchy's

Chivas Whiskey Tasting (Goody Goody Liquor)

Thanks to Frenchy's our stomachs were ready for the night. I'm not sure when he transformation of drinking to get drunk turned into exploring our taste buds but we have arrived. We found a free whiskey tasting hosted by Chivas and it was an easy going night. We really enjoyed ourselves. Desiree and Jasmine are regulars at these free tastings so they have tried vodka, scotch, tequila...you name it. The liquor store that hosts them is called Goody Goody and they have an amazing selection of liquors. Hell, I even came across cocktails jalapeños in there. 

Happy Hour

A real Happy Hour! A time when cocktails are $3 You Call It's and you can get more than beer. Oklahoma has crazy strict liquor laws so somehow or another you never get a real happy hour. I tore those $3 drinks up. I had a few margaritas with an extra shot of Don Julio to go with each one. Not to mention the many shot's that were provided due to a very nice gentleman. This place was a restaurant that quickly turned into a club. That happy hours turned into the happiest four hours!  We were supposed to be making a pitstop to refresh ourselves before we went to the next stop but I ended up sleeping in an eight year old bed. Ehh, a good time was had by all that night.

Snooze an AM Eatery

I was Houston back in October and my friends were were talking about this new places they were thinking about trying but I had to take tail back to Oklahoma City so I missed out. Apparently I missed a good time! So this time around we made sure we made it happen. Snooze is a hipster little joint but it was well worth the wait. Thanks to our nice yet slightly moody waitress we were able to snag a free pancake for sharing while we waited for our food. They have a pretty awesome bar cocktail menu to fit any mood you might be in. I opted for a mimosa since you can't really mess that up. For my meal I ordered the Snooze Spuds Deluxe.

A heaping portion of our hash browns, covered with melted cheddar & jack cheese, scallions plus choice of two fillings.

Since I was only given two fillings I had to add a few (3 or 4) to make my spuds deluxe really pop. I also had a blueberry pancake to make sure that first pancake wasn't awesomely good because it was free. No fluke here, it was all so delicious.


After brunch it was time for a nap and netflix before I headed to the airport to get back. I had a blast in my 32 hours of fun in Houston. Houston is such a big city that you can never truly conquer all that it has to offer without living there so I look forward to each trip because I learn something new and eat something new. Houston never fails me.