Waffle Champion | Oklahoma City, OK

6footfoodie Waffle Champion

The name of this restaurant is so true…WAFFLE CHAMPION. I originally ate here when it was a food truck driving around Oklahoma City. I remember the thrill and rush trying to get to them before they either closed or ran out of food. It was just that good that I drove around town a couple of times to get to them. I was so happy when they actually moved into a space in midtown in the Spring of 2013. No more hunting them down and no more chances of them running out of something I wanted.

I’ve been more times than the law should allow and I’ve introduced a least a dozen people to this amazing place but I love seeing the excitement on their faces and watching them savor every sweet bite. The menu is very diverse…a little something for everyone. I prefer something sweet over something savory but we all know I have a heavy sweet tooth. My go-to waffle is the Buttermilk Chicken and Waffle. It has some of the best fried chicken strips I’ve had along with a honey Tabasco sauce. They give you a side of syrup but to be honest the Tabasco serves as a great substitute.

The beautiful thing about Waffle Champion is the fact that you can build your own waffle as well. I love to create my version of a s’more with marshmallow brûlée, graham cracker crumbles, and Nutella; and if you ever wondered what a waffle and donut looked like together I’d like to introduce you to the Wonut!


So if you’re ever looking for a great brunch spot on the weekends Waffle Champion is a great spot. I must warn you that the line can get wrapped around the building but it moves pretty quick. The hours are pretty simple: Tuesday-Sunday 7a-2p…just that easy. You can also visit their website by clicking the link below. Enjoy!

Waffle Champion