Upper Crust Wood Fired Pizza | Oklahoma City, OK

It's National Pizza Day! In honor of such a wonderful day here's a look at one of my favorite local pizza spots.


Upper Crust is a place I love to visit and when I’m stuck on where to go they just pop up in my head. I really enjoy them on a Friday afternoon lunch with friends or even alone.

Their starters are all pretty amazing but I can’t seem to go to far away from the Calamari. It’s probably the best I’ve had in OKC…hands down!

They have a different special daily which is 2 slices of pizza and half a salad. When it comes to the salad you can’t go wrong with the Farmer’s Market Salad. I’m a sucker for a salad with fruit and candied/glazed nuts in it.

When it comes to the pizza the options are endless. My favorite is the Flying Pig. The pig sauce is a special blend that involves ranch and that’s alright in my book. On this particular trip I tried the BBQ Chicken, Y’all. I added pineapple to it and it was like a Hawaiian vacation in my mouth. I usually like a good pan crust but the thin and crispy crust they have makes me appreciate the fresh ingredients they serve.

Finally, y’all know I can’t enjoy a good meal without a good drink. They have a great wine selection that I have to try. That’s only because I’m a Sangria kinda gal and it just feels right to enjoy a pitcher on the patio.

So if you’re in OKC and in need of a local pizza spot to try then you can’t go wrong with Upper Crust…enjoy!

Upper Crust Calamari 6footfoodie
Upper Crust Farmers Market Salad 6footfoodie
Flying Pig Upper Crust 6footfoodie
Upper Crust Sangria 6footfoodie