#TipsyTuesday - Rosé All Day!

Who doesn't love a little Rosé in their life? Rosé is used to describe a category of refreshing wines that are pink in color but are made from red grapes. The longer the grapes' skins are left sitting in the wine, the darker the color of the finished rosé. Rosé, unlike red wine, does not improve over the years there's no shame in drinking something with last year printed on the label. You shouldn't drink (and probably won't find) anything that's dated more than two or three years back.

Also, unlike wine, you really don't need to spend more than $20 on a bottle. I will say that if you come across a bottle from Provence, it might be worth the extra dollars so go ahead splurge if you see it's from there. France is the motherland of traditional, dry rosé (hence its name), and it's hard to go too far wrong with anything from Provence, the Rhône valley, or the Loire valley.

Here's my list of my favorite Rosé to sip on:

Banfi Wines - Natura Rosé

Conde Villar Rosé


Locations F5 French Wines

Long Meadow Ranch Rosé

Chateau Sainte Marguerite Rosé

Ashley Stevenson