International Travel Essentials

So, I'm a little over two months away from my trip to Italy and just under five months away from my trip to Greece. Traveling internationally can be exhausting with time changes and foreign places so the last thing I want to be worried about it forgetting something back here in the states. Sure, I could probably pick it up on the trip but I hate not being prepared. So, this is my go to list of things not to forget when planning a nice getaway free of forgetfulness.

The Carry On

I usually never check a bag but since I'll be gone for more than three days in a foreign place I will check one but I will still have a carry on bag with essentials. Those essentials include:

  • Spare change of clothes
  • Antibacterial gel/wipes
  • Facial wipes
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Travel socks
  • Travel pillow
  • Medications
  • Travel charger
  • Carry On Cocktail Kit
  • Eyemask
  • Earplugs/Headphones
  • The Carry On Cocktail Kit

The Checked Bag

Travel Cubes

These handy pouches come in several shapes to keep your packing simple and organized. It's even better for the return part of the trip. Nothing ever got back the way you packed it originally so it helps me get everything back in the bag without breaking my zippers. The come in colors and patterns and you can get them as cheap as $6.00 online an dup to $40.00 in the store.

Travel Journal + Pen

Now, I know this seems random and not of thought to you but it's essential. Think of all the things you experience while traveling. Some memories you hold onto because they truly impact you and leave a lasting impression. There are also things that occur that are small and may not stick with you but in the moment but it's still something worth noting and that's why I recommend a travel journal. I like to reflect on my travels daily so this is big for me. It does't have to be fancy at all but just something to jot your thoughts in.


I'm a snacker so I always have a bag of goodies. When traveling, paying the high prices in the airport are not appealing to me at all. I'll just stock up at the dollar store before hand thank you. I like to keep it simple; nothing sticky, greasy, smelly, or bulky.

Travel Size Bottles

There's absolutely no need to bring the regular size bottle of anything on a trip unless you're staying for a month. The only thing that I condone in this case would be lotion. I mean, I have sensitive skin and get really dry and have a whole moisturizing process and being in foreign climates trigger reactions. Aside from something medical, leave the big bottles of shampoo and scented lotions home. The less space you waste on that the more shopping you can do (duh).

Travel Adapters

In our tech driven age we have to make sure all our shit is fully charged to make sure we capture everything. So, just click HERE to learn about the best adapters for your electronics. Lord knows we can't have you shorting your phone out because you weren't smart enough to get an adapter.

First Aid Kit

Just be smart and keep bandaids and Neosporin handy.


Have a few copies of your passport handy. I also suggest having a copy in your email just in case. Anything can happen and we don't want an international incident to occur because you can't verify your identity if something happens. I also recommend contacting your embassy.  If there’s a problem in the country, this will make it easier for your government to contact you and get you to safety.


Look up the monetary conversion before you go. Finding out that one Danish Krone is equal to just 19 cents … bad surprise. Make sure you do your math before you travel to get a sense of where the conversion rate is at. Make sure your banks and credit card companies know you are traveling internationally. Go to a bank or ATM in the country you’re visiting. The conversion centers in the airport or around the city tend to be huge rip-offs. You won’t get charged as many fees at the ATM or the bank, and the conversion will be exact.