How To Live Out Of A Carry On

I have learned to never check a bag unless I absolutely have to. I managed to visit four cities (Austin, Washington D.C., NYC, Houston) in seven days out of my carry on. Keep in mind, there were two different types of weather happening as well. How did I do it you ask? Let me share a few of my little tips with you guys.

1. Roll, not fold! I learned this trick when I was 16 and went to Africa. I lived two weeks out of a carryon bag but it was much easier. I wasn't going anywhere that cared for fashion or where I needed more than one pair of shoes. So it takes some time to get it right but it can be done. I like to roll my clothes by the outfit, even down to my underwear.

2. Don't overpack. Seriously, don't do it. When you overpack or overthink your clothing you can become stressed. I'm a planner by nature so I take everything like the weather or the events into consideration when packing. I layered outfits when it was colder and was able to remove layers once it warmed up or when we got inside. For the trip mention above I packed the following:

  • 2 casual jumpsuits (1 short sleeve, 1 long sleeve)

  • 2 pairs of jeans (1 fitted pair, 1 boyfriend cut)

  • 6 tops (2 were for layering)

  • 1 nice outfit for dinner

  • 2 pairs of shoes (1 pair of tennis shoes, 1 pair of heels)

  • 1 light jacket

  • 1 coat

3. Have a color scheme. I like to keep my clothing either extremely neutral or very vibrant. Once you decide which way to go it helps in planning accessories. My main layer will be black, white, or gray. From there, I decide if I'm going neutral or vibrant. 

4. Tone down the toiletries. I get it, you want to carry your favorite perfume, face wash, body wash, and everything else you use to pamper yourself. You can most definitely bring them, but bring a smaller amount. Space is limited and valuable and you don't want to waste space.

5. Organize your bag. I think aside from rolling your clothes, this is what brings success. You can get bag organizers from anywhere at fairly decent cost. If your bag is packed neatly and you can see your belongings it will make it easier to grab what you need and not forget any items.

So try to pack for your next trip in a carryon. I can't imagine checking a bag these days plus I like to get where I'm going without waiting. Let me know if you've ever tried it or done it and your experience. Ciao!