Hatch | Oklahoma City, OK

It's taken me far too long to write this post. I'm sorry but all the words that come to mind are so incredibly cheesy I don't want to write them down but this place ism fucking magnificent it makes me feel like I could live off pancakes, hash browns and cocktails for life.

Ok, so I don't want to sound biased with this post because this dining group works with my food tour but they genuinely serve up something fresh and good at each place they have. Hatch is all about early mood food and boy does it get me in the mood for lazy days filled with booze and naps.

My first trip (I went 3 times in one week) had me nervous because I had seen photos of people standing outside waiting for a table so I just knew I'd be that girl but I got lucky. I stopped in one Friday after my morning workout around 11:00am. I beat the lunch rush and missed the breakfast crowd so it was easy peasy.

First up, Loaded Tumblers. Hash browns loaded with bacon and cheese and drizzled with a smoked cheddar hollandaise. SAY WHAT?! Yes, yes, yes! There's no better wy to start your meal than a few loaded tumblers.

6footfoodie Hatch Tumblers

I feel like an idiot for drooling so heavily over a pancake but this is no ordinary pancake. This is the Famous PanOKCake. I'm usually very picky about letting foods touch and modifying my order but I'm working on being a better person in 2017. So I got it as is and there is no better way to eat this. A sweet cream batter is used and it's topped with bacon and pecans, a maple bourbon glaze and mascarpone butter. Can I get Amen?!

6footfoodie Hatch PanOKCake

They offer a full bar and barista station so everyone has options here. This is just a summary of my first trip so look forward to the next set o plates I share from this amazing place.