Guernsey Park | Oklahoma City, OK

Guernsey Park is a cute little place tucked away in the heart of the Paseo District. This area is known for its amazing architecture and love of the arts. It’s also part of Uptown 23rd, another popular area in Oklahoma City for food, arts, and entertainment. Guernsey Park is a great place that has a very modern take on classic Asian dishes.

So I took one of my fellow foodie friends from Houston here for dinner one Saturday night. I’ve actually only gone for lunch and was really impressed with the the service/atmosphere, food, and pricing so I figured he would enjoy it as well. The good thing about eating out with him is the fact that he will order several things from the menu just to judge the place. I absolutely love that about him and it makes the moment that much more enjoyable.

We both started off with simple entrees. I had the Gingered Chicken. It’s a pan seared chicken breast on white rice with Moroccan green beans and a ginger jus. The chicken was extremely tender and was probably the best cooked chicken I’ve had in a while. My only complaint was that it didn’t really have any seasoning to it and I feel like more seasoning along with the ginger jus would have made that dish perfect. I’d still order it again though. He opted for the Pork Chops. It was a single chop that was grilled on bacon sauerkraut fried rice with charred scallion relish and friend shallots.

6footfoodie Guernsey Park

After the entrees we decided to dive a little more into the menu. I’m pretty simple when it comes to my sushi selection so he kinda pushed me to a new level of my sushidom by ordering the Rainbow Cocktail. This was the chef’s selection of sashami seasoned with honey-wasabi aioli served with fried lotus root chips, butter cracker crumbles, kiwi, soy caramel, and tobiko. I was pleasantly surprised at how flavorful yet simple this was. I could see myself ordering this again for something light and easy on my stomach.

6footfoodie Guernsey Park Rainbow

We also did the Oxtail Ravioli. It was fried oxtail ravioli with a “pho” salad and sriracha powder.

6footfoodie Guernsey Park Oxtail Ravioli

lthough he’s not a fan of most Carrot Cakes he decided to give theirs a go. I’m really not a fan of it so I didn’t even take a bite. I ordered the strawberry parfait. Both dishes came with cream cheese ice cream…talk about amazing.

6footfoodie Guernsey Park Parfait
6footfoodie Guernsey Park Carrot Cake

If you’re ever in OKC or driving down NW 23rd make sure to find Guernsey Park. It’s a great place for a date and even better if you want to dry something new and different in the city.