Gifts for Foodies

When you know a true Foodie then you know you have to think a little out of the box when it comes to gift giving. Not that you can't keep it traditional but Foodies appreciate things outside of the box and if it's Food or a new kitchen gadget then you've struck gold. Here's a list of my favorite foodie things.

Cinnibird Spice Pen

Spice up your morning latte or plate with this tool. Fill this little device with cinnamon, coffee grounds or cocoa and start drawing designs on your hot drinks in an instant. Looking to take your Saturday morning pancakes to the next level? This easy-to-operate device can help you add funny faces, phrases or decorative swirls.

Casa Lolea Artisanal Sangria

This Spanish sangria combines super high-quality wine and ingredients in the perfect ratio, making for a drink that’s as tasty if not tastier than the homemade variety. The red wine version is made from Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot red wines, fresh orange and lemon juice and a bit of cinnamon, while the white wine version is made from Airen and Moscatel white wines, fresh orange and lemon juice, and a hint of vanilla.


eCreamery Custom Ice Cream

This ice cream is special. It does not exist in the frozen food section. You cannot find it in your local parlor. No. Everything about this ice cream—the flavor, mix-ins, packaging, even the name—has been created by you and churned fresh by our award-winning team of artists. Just as personal as a set of monogrammed towels. But so much sweeter.

Zenroast Roasting Tool

Did you know that coffee only stays fresh for three days after roasting? That means drinking A LOT of coffee if you want a fresh cup at home. Enter the elegant zenroast, an easy, elegant way to roast your own coffee beans at home. Each roaster is fired in one of Japan’s Six Ancient Kilns at a temperature of 1472 degrees. It can be used to roast tea leaves and sesame seeds, and it works on gas and electric stovetops.

Janie's Cakes

A friend of mine saw this in Oprah's Favorite Things and ordered it and it was the best pound cake I've ever had. I highly recommend the the Italian Jane. It comes in several flavors and sizes so you have plenty of options. It's moist, not too sweet and super fresh. Enjoy!

Marble Rolling Pin and Stand

I just think it's a pretty cool looking rolling pin plus it has a stand so you don't have to worry about it rolling away and breaking. A true baker would love this because marble surface are amazing to work on because they stay cool to the touch  so this pin would take their baking experience to another notch.

Blue Tart Plate

There's nothing like a simple tart plate to elevate your tart game. This one has unglazed porcelain that's naturally nonstick which is even better.

Enamel Measuring Cups

Add an extra helping of style to your kitchenware with this set of measuring cups. Finished in shiny copper and with enamel-coated handles, these are kitchen tools you'll never want to put away.

Sugarfina Pineapple Shot Glasses

The international symbol for hospitality are pineapples so why not serve up the most hospitable gift of a shot in one? Upright and with their tops on, the glasses can be used as cocktail shakers or, flipped upside down with the fruit perched on top, they make adorable drinking glasses.

Beer Bread Kit

Need something other than a six-pack to give your favorite beer connoisseur? Switch home-brewed for home-baked with this beer bread kit. It makes a hearty loaf with no real baking skills necessary. If he can mix, stir, and bake, he can make bakery-quality bread. The only other thing he’ll “knead” is most of a bottle of his favorite brew (the rest, of course, is for him). Pop the olive, garlic, and rosemary-infused dough in the oven for an hour in the included handmade ceramic dish. And what comes out? One deliciously dense and flavorful loaf.

Homemade Gin Kit

Bring your friends some holiday spirit with this homemade gin kit. In just 36 hours, plain vodka becomes small-batch gin—a libation that’s so much more celebratory than the usual bottle of wine. Each kit makes two 375 milliliter glass bottles of the spirit, so there’ll be plenty to go around at New Year’s Eve. Our food editors suggest serving it with a splash of tonic and a wedge of lime.