Dinner Party Basics

I seriously love to entertain. Most people who know me and have been to my home know that I try to make them as comfortable as possible. I even bought a 7ft. farm table that seats 6-7 people just so I can have epic dinner parties one day. What isn't fun about entertaining is stressing over the menu and the experience your guests will have so here are a few tips to keep your dinner parties simple enough for you and jazzy enough for your guests to want to come back again.

1. Don't have an end time. When you invite your guests don't give them an end time for dinner. It's all about having a good time around good food and good wine. This also stops you from having to have dinner out and ready by a set time in order to end on time. Granted, you are in your own home with people you know and love so it may not matter but if you happen to have your boss over for dinner you want to give yourself that freedom.

2. Start with an apéro. I know, it sounds real fancy but it's just drinks and lite bites before dinner. a nice champagne or martini work well in these cases. As for a lite bite, you really can't go wring with a nice cheese board. Not sure how to make a cheese board? Click here to get an idea of what to do.


3. Make your table decor simple. Who wants to reach over your big ass floral arrangement or worry about knocking over that porcelan pig over and shattering it? NOBODY! Keep your table decor simple. If anything, make it meaningful; items you've collected through your travels, something vintage from a family member or just a simple set of candlesticks will do. 

4. Don't overdo it in the kitchen. I think we all know the reason why we don't have dinner parties. It sucks to slave in a kitchen for hours on end, not be able to shower before hand, and look a mess in front of your guests, I'm not rich so hiring a catering company isn't an option. So here's the thing, you can have a great dinner party and not kill yourself. Of course you will make your main course from scratch but your sides can be store bought and I'm not talking Wally World. Go to your favorite gourmet shop that has amazing foods from all over the world and get a few sides from them. Put it in that fancy china you have and when you present it to your guests you can tell a story about the dish. There's no shame in getting store bough products especially when it's gourmet and delicious.

So that's it! That's you pull off an epic dinner party without stressing or going over the top.

Dinner Party Recipes