Weekend Warrior - Denver Eats

Denver has a really good food scene. I was only there 48 hours and traveling with 3 others so I didn't get to go HAM and go from restaurant to restaurant but I managed to make all the food decisions and here's what I came up with. The photos are a slideshow so click to go through the pics :-)

Olive and Finch

I combed over the internet a few days before deciding on a visit to Olive & Finch. They had great reviews, a great menu, and pretty cool pics to go along with it. I was a little skeptical because I was traveling with my mom who can handle a little adventure when it comes to food and a 13 and 14 year old who have iffy taste buds. My brother cooks their meals so they aren't into junk food but I didn't know if they were ready for arugula and goat cheese in their food. 

Once we arrived It was a really cute building with an open air window with greenery. You seat yourself and order at the counter when you're ready. They really won us over when we found out you could have beignet with almost any of their breakfast options. They don't have a traditional menu but they offered breakfast potatoes and bacon so the kids were good to go.

I ordered a Sunrise Skillet. You have the option to turn your skillet into a burrito if you choose to. The Sunrise had two cage free eggs, bacon, maple aioli, roasted tomatoes, Swiss cheese and arugula served open faced on baguettes. I also had a Blueberry Lemonade.

Olive & Finch get an A+ in my book. I miss it already.

5280 Burger Bar

I didn't really get a full experience here. My niece became extremely ill at the table and we all pretty much lost our appetite. They have a pretty typical craft menu with lots of options. For those of us who can't decide they have us covered. There's an item on the menu call "I Can't Decide"! You get to try two of their burgers in a jumbo slider form. I had a Boss Hog ( Angus Beef, Pulled Pork, Pecan Bacon, and BBQ Sauce) and the 5280 Burger ( A typical burger with their own special sauce). The awesome part about this place is they have an ice cream shop attached. I may have lost my appetite for all the meat but there's always a place for ice cream!

Lark Burger

So, the same niece that got sick the night before was feeling much better they next day. It was only a little altitude sickness so she recovered quick. Her first food request was chili cheese fries. So after calling a few spots Lark Burger had all three things on the menu and could easily make it happen. She killed it in three minutes flat.

City Pop

They have 70 flavors of popcorn. That's really all that can be said. From sweet to savory, they have your snack needs covered.

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