De-stressing with Food

Happy New Year ya'll! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday filled with family, food booze, and fun. Mine was! So here we are in 2018, trying to cope with holiday weight, resolutions that are unrealistic and credit card bills. Well, some of y'all are. I didn't pig out, I didn't make any resolutions, and I didn't buy any gifts. But, I do have a bit of anxiety around this time of year. Mainly because I feel overwhelmed with the idea of tackling the new year and being better than last year. As a self proclaimed foodie I can honestly say I use food for everything; good days, bad days, accomplishments, failures...EVERYTHING! So I have found a few tips that help me to get through my anxiety and stress that involve food.

Tip #1 - Indulge in some dark chocolate

By far the most potent endorphin-producing food on earth, chocolate contains more than 300 different compounds, including anandamide, a chemical that mimics marijuana’s effects on the brain, and theobromine, a mild stimulant. Look for imported dark chocolate with a cocoa content of 70% or more. I purchased a Chocolate Passport from Trader Joe's and it is my go to for this plan. I have a few around the house because they're cute and make nice decor but also because I never know when a meltdown might come on.

Tip #2 - Snack on a handful of nuts

They’re packed with magnesium, which seems to help keep cortisol levels low. Nuts are high in calories, so if you’re watching your weight, make sure not to eat more than a dozen a day. Again, I have these stashed around the house and even in the car.

Tip #3 - Drink hot cocoa or tea

Warm drinks raise your body temperature-a feeling we associate with comfort, so it triggers a similar response in our brains. We've got all the tea and even hot cocoa mainly because it's warm and delicious. Green tea in particular is packed with theanine, which increases the brain’s output of relaxation-inducing alpha waves and reduces the output of tension-making beta waves.

Tip #4 - Drink a glass of cold water

The water gets your blood moving and the air invigorates by stimulating the endorphins that de-stress you.