Chick N Beer | Oklahoma City, OK

Oklahoma City's food scene is one that makes you work really hard to be good. It's tough here so you have to have your shit together to survive here. There's been a buzz in my ear for a while now about a new wing spot called Chick N Beer. A Korean style wing joint in Oklahoma City? I'm with it. With restaurants like Chae and Guernsey Park bringing Asian flavors and fusion to the city it's a good move if done right.

It's located in the Uptown 23rd area which is home to many flavors and runs through the Asian District and several other international style cuisines. It's a small house, a bungalow really, and it really is small which is fine. Original wood floors (I think) make this a perfect hipster hangout. It's loud, it's fun, and it's not a place to try if you're seeking silence. Parking can be rough (we almost got towed). There is a lot a couple of blocks away if you don't mind the walk. There's a small patio in the front if you end up having to wait because there will be one and there is no space inside to stand. 

So, the buzz I was getting was all about their Kimchi Fries. Kimchi is a Korean side dish made of spicy and fermented seasoned cabbage in a combination of brine, garlic, scallions and ground pepper. Kimchi is considered one of the healthiest foods on the planet so I'm cool with adding it to my fries. These fries were delicious. The were also topped with cheddar, bacon, and spicy ranch. If it weren't for the melted cheese stuck to the pan I would have licked the thing clean. They also had a small section of skewers so I ordered the Grilled Lemongrass Beef and Chinese Sausage skewers. The beef was tender and full of flavor and the sausage was sweet with a hint of heat. Both were good but I'd probably choose the sausage over the beef because of the sweetness.

6footfoodie kimchi fries
6footfoodie beef skewer
6footfoodie sausage skewer

Because I wanted to give both the boneless and traditional wings a go, I ordered both in two different flavors. I ordered the boneless wings with the Sweet Five Spice and ordered the traditional with the Yellow Curry. I like that they create all their flavors in house so they are original to them and can't find it anywhere else. That also scares me. Luckily, the two flavors I got were perfect. The five spice was perfect. It was drenched in sauce, the meat was perfect, and it just had a slightly hint of sweetness which was perfect. They fry their traditional wings in a light coating so it's not crunchy but still has a crisp to it. It was had a coconut undertone which was soft because I hate coconut but this hit the tongue just right. I also ordered the Sweet Potato Strings. They made a mistake and added sriracha power to them so they kicked my ass but they were so sweet and paired with both wings so well I suffered through it.

6footfoodie sweet five spice boneless
6footfoodie yellow curry traditional
6footfoodie sweet potato strings

What's a wing without a beer or cocktail? How about putting them together for a kick ass beer cocktail? I ordered the Uptown Hops to start my night and lets just say it started and should have ended there because that little fella was strong!!!! It was Jim Beam, Coop F5, St. Germain, lemon and lime. I also had a Nomimono Mule which was soju, lime and ginger beer. It was much more subtle.

6footfoodie uptown hop
6footfoodie nomimono mule

Chick N Beer will definitely see me again. It was perfect for our Saturday night date. Considering everything we ordered (3 appetizers, 4 orders of wing, 4 drinks and a side) the price was perfect. It only takes about 5 minutes to cook the wings so service was quick as well. 

Until next time foodies!