What The Fibroids!?

So, I recently had to take sometime to handle something that some might consider very personal. I did at first because I was not educated on the topic and hid it. When it comes to discussing women’s health, the lady parts in particular, people get real quiet and look away. I can tell. more about erectile dysfunction than I can about what happened to me. Well, that was the case.

I had surgery on September 4, 2018.

1. I have been experiencing pain for quite some time. I ignored it and chalked it up to getting older, weight gain, and whatever else I could think of.

2. This all happened fairly quickly. After running test after test and doing an ultrasound my doc couldn’t find the source of the pain I was having. I casually mentioned it because I didn’t have an explanation to give for why I was having surgery.

3. I’ve had 3 other procedures in my life. Two of them were serious and one was routine. I was able to have an understanding of what was going to happen before, during and after. This one had a number of scenarios.

4. I know my body pretty well so when I had the pains I knew something was wrong but I didn’t want to seem like I was overreacting and ignored them for too long.

5. During the procedure, they discovered endometriosis and fibroids. I later found out that my doctor also found a huge cyst. Combined, that kind of changed things up for my recovery.

Ladies, listen to every thing your body tells you. I easily could have continued on with the pain because my body has a high tolerance for it but I also knew my body shouldn’t feel like it did. 

Because of all of this I am learning to put myself first. I’m saying no to things that won’t benefit my health and well being. If it’s causing me stress, it must go. I’m working on eating better and working out more. I know I can still enjoy foods and dining out while being mindful. So, you might start seeing some posts about stress and finding mental clarity. I was lacking the skills to be great and my body paid the price. Not anymore!