Bull in the Alley | Tulsa, OK

I somehow find a way to get a few free meals out of one particular day; my birthday to be exact. The final count should end at four, maybe five. I've been celebrating my birthday with food for about a week now and it's been fantastic.

My most recent dining experience has got to be one for the books. Awesome atmosphere, amazing food, and one hell of a piano player. My parents took me to A Bull in the Alley. It's a restaurant and piano bar pretty much hidden in an alley. No real sign besides the small Bull above the door. And the door is a huge green door that looks like a set of shutters. Once you figure out how to get in you walk into a magnificent little piano bar where the green, gold, and black decor make you feel like you're the absolute shit.

They don't have a cocktail menu and the wine list is bigger than the food menu but I'm fine with that because I wasn't overwhelmed with food options. We started off with shrimp cocktail and crab cakes. Both were average but still good. They have the option to do a table steak which was simply a porterhouse that we all shared. It had a hefty price of $43.00 per person but it was worth every penny we spent. It was marinated to perfection and cooked exactly how we ordered it. I believe they cooked it in butter so you know it was all good in my book. I may not be a fan of Paula Dean the person but I believe in that butter lovers method of cooking.

As with most steakhouses, the sides were family style so we went with their potatoes and seasonal vegetable which happened to be brussel sprouts. I secretly love brussel sprouts. It's one of those vegetables that get a bad rap but they can be as healthy or as fattening as you would like.

Of course for me the star of the show was the dessert. While we were sitting there I noticed this half a mountain stroll by so I asked the server what it was and it was their turtle pie. I really would have gotten the caramel and chocolate chunk of heaven if we weren't so full and could stand to stuff the dessert in our full bellies. It had ice cream in it and was a no-go in our book but the cheesecake was fair game. So they brought out the most massive slice of cheesecake I've ever seen.

6FootFoodie Shrimp Cocktail
6FootFoodie Crab Cake
6FootFoodie Porterhouse
6FootFoodie Brussel Sprouts
6FootFoodie Potatoes
6FootFoodie Cheesecake